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"Cloud Based EDI is a great way for businesses to extend existing EDI capabilities without having to hire more staff or increase infrastructure!"

Cloud Based EDI Solutions
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Benefits of Cloud Hosted EDI

While we take pride in the many successful onsite EDI implementations we done for our clients, we've recognized that it can be difficult in both costs and complexity for small businesses to get started with EDI. Also, many larger companies are entrenched in proprietary EDI software that is difficult and expensive to scale.

Cloud Based EDI solutions are designed specifically to address those needs and offers numerous benefits to small and large businesses alike including:

  • Significantly Reduced Startup Costs - For a small fraction of what it costs to acquire the software, hardware, network infrastructure, and technical personnel you can have full EDI capabilities enabling you to exchange EDI documents with any other business.

  • Rapid Time To Implementation - We can get you up and running quickly! The tools and infrastructure are already in place, we have experience with most of the larger trading partners, and our system is streamlined so the document mappings are much easier and more condensed than in traditional EDI systems. This allows us to provide some of the quickest turn-around times in the industry on successful ERP implementations!

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership - Once you're document mappings are in place, the ongoing costs of using the hosted EDI service are minimal. You do not need to maintain a technical staff to use our cloud based EDI service and you never have to worry about hardware and software upgrades. Your costs are reduced to a fixed and predictable monthly expense.

  • Access To Experienced EDI Professionals - One of the challenges all businesses face is employee turn-over. When it comes to your EDI expert, turn-over can wreck havoc on the business. Being able to find another EDI expert locally, especially one that is familliar with your in-house EDI system can be nearly impossible depending on your geographic location. With our cloud hosted EDI service, we are your experts and we'll be here for you 24 x7 to address any problems and provide sound help from experienced EDI professionals.

  • Secure & Fault Tolerant Infrastructure - Our servers are co-located in state-of-the-art data center facilities with high redundancy and security; and all data is backed up daily. It would be virtually impossible, due to the large costs involved, for any but the largest businesses to replicate these data center facilities in-house!

  • Improved Reporting & Management - For businesses that have proprietary in-house EDI systems, one of the most frequent complaints we hear is the lack of reporting and visibility into what's happened with their EDI transactions. This is another issue that's solved with our cloud based EDI services. Our EDI Management Console is a web-based portal thal allows you to monitor and view all incoming and outgoing EDI documents. With this console, you can view business documents such as purchase orders and invoices, view the contents of an EDI file, view sent and received acknowledgements/confirmations, resend and re-receive EDI messages, and receive email notifications in case of errors.

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