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"Cloud Based EDI is a great way for businesses to extend existing EDI capabilities without having to hire more staff or increase infrastructure!"

Cloud Based EDI Solutions
For All Businesses!

Cloud Based EDI enables companies to exchange business documents using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) without having to incur the significant expenses of software acquisition, server management, technical staff, document mappings, testing, and VAN services.

We have a variety of hosted EDI plans from which to choose and on-premises EDI solutions are also available.

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100% Web-Based

Use Email or Simple Web Forms

Bulk File Uploads Supported

Full Transaction Reporting

No Software Licensing or Server Maintenance

24 x 7 Online Support!



Exchange EDI Documents With Any Business!

Supports All Major EDI Standards

Supports All EDI Transaction Types

Supports Numerous Communication Protocols

Platform Independent

Built-In Reporting & Email Error Notification