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"Cloud Based EDI is a great way for businesses to extend existing EDI capabilities without having to hire more staff or increase infrastructure!"

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EDI Services

Cloud Hosted EDI - Our cloud based EDI platform enables companies to quickly implement EDI without having to incur the high expenses of servers, software, and technical personnel. It's also a great way for companies that are already doing EDI to expand their EDI capabilities without having to increase their technical infrastructure. We provide a highly flexible and extremely robust hosted EDI platform that enables ANY documents to be traded between ANY two business entities in virtually ANY format and supporting multiple communications protocols...more info

On Premises EDI - For businesses that prefer to maintain their own in-house EDI platform, we offer a number of solutions to help including planning, software implementation and configuration, document mappings & translations, system integration & testing, training, and support. We feature BOTS open source EDI Software and, because BOTS is open source, there is NO cost of software acquisition, NO annual licensing fees, and BOTS supports numerous Internet communication protocols including FTP, XML-RC, SMTP, ODBC, and more; so, unless required by a trading partner, the costs of using a VAN for document transmissions can also be eliminated...more info

EDI Consulting - We provide a variety of onsite and remote EDI consulting services to meet the specialized needs of our clients. Each of our EDI consultants has more than 20 years of experience with EDI software technology and project management...more info

EDI Testing - Fully automated EDI testing for your trading partners! CloudBasedEDI's "EDI Test Robot" enables trading partners who control the EDI format to allow their partners to test EDI documents & transmissions with NO direct involvement needed. This drastically reduces both the time and costs of boarding new EDI trading partners!....more info

EDI VAN Services - The Cloud Based EDI network offers full VAN services including connectivity, interchange and routing with hosted ANSI X12.56 compliant EDI mailboxes for our clients whose trading partners require the use of a VAN network...more info

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