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"Cloud Based EDI is a great way for businesses to extend existing EDI capabilities without having to hire more staff or increase infrastructure!"

EDI VAN Services

Full VAN Connectivity For EDI Transactions!

EDI VAN Services

Traditionally, EDI documents were transported over Value Added Networks (VANs). To accommodate numerous trading partners all using separate VANs, interconnects were created to route traffic between the different VAN networks.

First generation VANs built private mailbox networks, provided basic value added services and delivered numerous system integration services. The big "players" in the EDI VAN market were the big IT companies such as IBM and GEIS.

With the advent of the Internet and open communications standards, VANs are no longer technically required to transmit and route EDI documents, however, many companies and legacy EDI systems will still require their trading partners to use a VAN network.

So, while our cloud edi service does not require the use of a VAN, for our clients whose trading partners require it, Cloud Based EDI is an EDI VAN network providing EDI mailbox hosting, and full VAN connectivity and interchange routing at a fraction of the cost of a traditional EDI VAN provider!

If your trading partner is telling you, for example, something like "you must connect to Sterling" or "you need to setup a mailbox on GXS", etc. Cloud Based EDI can help and can provide significant savings!

The Cloud Based EDI network is 100% X12.56 Mailbag Protocol compatible and can integrate with any Network that comples with this ANSI standard.

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