Automated EDI Testing

If your company has the need to connect multiple EDI trading partners and you control the EDI format, Cloud Based EDI can automate your trading partner testing & onboarding process.

Cloud Based EDI's "EDI Test Robot" enables trading partners who control the EDI format (the "Lead Partner") to allow their partners ("Sub-Partners") to test EDI documents & transmissions with NO direct involvement needed from the Lead Partner.

Your trading partners simply send a message to the EDI Test Robot and, in seconds, the robot will test the structure, syntax, and everything else that can be tested; and responds with a report by email that specifically identifies all errors.

This eliminates the ongoing daily process of manual testing and testing is much quicker and more accurate because it's fully automated and complete. It also greatly reduces the time to board new trading partners since they can test whatever they want, whenever they want, as many times as they want, and at any time they want!

The EDI Test Robot is fully "white labeled" and customized with your company name, your company email address for testing, and your logo on the email reports. And, the EDI Test Robot can be implemented onsite at your location or we can host it for you.

Features of the Automated EDI Test Robot include:

Significantly Reduces Time and Costs of Boarding New EDI Trading Partners
Increases Accuracy and Thoroughness of EDI Testing
Ensures All of Your Specific EDI Requirements Are Met
Secure & Fault Tolerant Infrastructure
Operates Under Your Company Name As A Service To Your Trading Partners

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