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EDI is a powerful business tool that can dramatically lower operating costs and increase business productivity. But, until recently, EDI was primarily used by larger companies and governments that could afford the high costs of the EDI software, required hardware, and technical staff needed to support such an environment.

Cloud Based EDI provides a managed and hosted EDI service that enables smaller businesses to reap the benefits of EDI technology without having to incur all of high expenses associated with EDI technology. It also permits larger companies, that may already have an internal EDI system, to expand their EDI capabilities without have to increase their infrastucture and personnel.

We provide a highly flexible and robust hosted EDI environment that includes an "Any-to-Any" translator meaning it can "ingest" ANY text based file format (i.e. TXT, CSV, Excel, XML, etc.) one one end, and reformat that data to generate ANY other type of properly formatted text based file on the other end (i.e. Edifact, AS/2, X12, XML-RPC, SAP IDoc, etc.) that may then be transmitted in the required format to the corresponding Trading Partner using any one of a number of supported communications protocols.

We offer several different options for sending and receiving EDI documents:

  1. Export/Upload - The most common and reliable method of integration is to export and upload your business documents in a text format (i.e. CSV, Excel, XML, JSON etc.), either individually or in batch, using one of many supported communications methods (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, etc.) to a shared "Outbound" folder. This folder may reside locally on our the client's system or remotely on our servers. Our system will monitor the Outbound folder and, when it finds a new document, it will ingest, reformat, and transmit that file to the appropriate Trading Partner. When that Trading Partner responds, our system will receive the file, reformat it into another text file that may be imported directly into your system, and place that file in an "Inbound" folder where it can be imported directly into the client's accounting/ERP system. This process can be put on a scheduler and fully automated.

  2. Direct Database (ODBC) Connection - The Cloud Based EDI system supports direct ODBC connection which may be used for EDI connections. There are reasons why this is less reliable than an Export/Import methodolgy, however, when it makes sense for our clients, we can connect directly to any database/application that supports ODBC.

  3. Email - EDI Documents may be transmitted by simply sending a properly formatted email to an email address that we will provide to you after you signup for the service. Our system will receive your email and convert it into an EDI document and transmit it to your Trading Partner using one of your Partner's supported methods of communication. When an EDI document is received by one of your trading Partners, our system will receive it and convert it into an understandable email that will then be sent back to an email address that you provide to us. You will also receive any error notifications by email.

  4. Web Form - Upon signing up for our EDI services, you will also be granted credentials to access our sercure EDI Portal. From there, you will be able to create documents using simple web forms. You will also be able to view and monitor all incoming and outgoing EDI transmissions, view business documents such as orders and invoices, view the contents of the EDI files, view sent and received messages, and resend or re-receive any needed messages.

None of these methods require any special or proprietary software to be installed on your computers and the service is platform independent, so it will work with Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other device with Internet access including smart phones!

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